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UPDATED January 2020

Choosing the right dog shock collar helps you train your dog and eliminate its bad behaviors.



Capable of training multiple dogs with one remote, this SportDOG collar is a good option for homes with more than one unruly dog. The collar has a good range and is waterproof at up to 24 feet.


Train and work with up to three dogs at the same time with this shock collar, which has a 500-yard range. It gives you the option of choosing a shock type or a sound type to stop your pets.


This collar produces an intense shock that makes it unsuitable for dogs weighing 10 pounds or less. Some of the reviews of the collar claimed that the remote stopped working too.


As this collar is waterproof, you can use it outside on your dog in the rain and the snow. The manufacturer also allows you to train three dogs with multiple collars and the same remote.


Designed for both indoor and outdoor training, this collar has a range of up to 400 yards. Suitable for use on dogs who weigh at least eight pounds, it is fully waterproof.


The high price tag of this dog collar might turn off some shoppers. Other customers had problems with the battery, which stopped taking a charge.


Whether your dog responds best to sound or shock, this collar will help you curb bad behaviors. The collar is waterproof and comes with an internal battery that you can easily and quickly charge.


Not only do you get a good warranty with this collar, but you can register it online and extend your warranty. It has 100 levels of shocks and sounds that let you customize the experience your dog has.


Some shoppers found that the range listed on the packaging doesn’t match the range they got out of the collar. There were also complaints from customers that the collar stopped working.


The adjustable design of this collar makes it suitable for almost all sizes of pets. Many dog owners will also like how easily and quickly they can charge both the remote and the receiver on the collar.


Suitable for all types of dog owners, this collar has a range of 330 yards and is completely waterproof. You can charge both the receiver and the remote for regular use.


Most of the negative reviews surrounding this collar point out that it stopped working after a few months. Some pet owners also found that the buttons on the remote were confusing.


With a range of 330 yards, this collar is suitable for training your dog inside or out. The collar is completely waterproof and allows you to work with your dog in any weather conditions.


Each button on the included remote uses a different image on the front that shows you what each one does. When you put the collar on your dog, you can use the remote from more than 300 yards away.


A small number of buyers discovered that the collar wouldn’t keep a charge after they used it a few times. Others claimed that it didn’t produce enough shock for larger dogs.

Shopping Guide for the Best Dog Shock Collar

Hearing your dog bark every day when the mail arrives or a stranger walks down the street can leave you feeling frustrated and wishing that you could control that pup. The best dog shock collar 2018 products give you the control that you need over that dog. These collars essentially use conditioning as a way to train your dog. The best dog shock collar delivers a mild electric shock that tells your dog to stop barking.

Though many people think that dog shock collar 2018 products are only for larger dogs, a collar will work on any type of dog. You’ll find products that come in smaller sizes and those that deliver a much milder shock that is suitable for smaller breeds.

Shock collars help you train your dog in other ways beyond just stopping it from barking. You can put a stop to any type of negative behavior, including dogs that jump up on visitors who enter your house and dogs that want to roam free. If you have a pup that keeps running loose as soon as you open the door, using a shock collar can help. Check out the top products in our graph below and then get some tips on using and buying a shock collar.

Shopping Guide for the Best Dog Shock Collar

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Selection Criteria

As the parent of a four-legged child, you probably worry about the safety of your pet every day. While some pet parents worry that shock collars are cruel, we worked hard to find the best products that work as training aids but won’t harm your pet. The mild shock that these collars deliver will make your dog stop and think twice before continuing with its actions. Our list also includes collars that use sound in addition to or in lieu of a shock. Those loud noises can startle your dog and make it stop in its tracks.

Like we do with all our shopping and buying guides, we turned to real shoppers for help. After looking at the reviews for dozens of products, we quickly located and weeded out products with a number of fake reviews. Some of the shock collars we came across had positive reviews that stated the same things and included the same information with a larger number of negative reviews from customers who actually purchased and used those collars.

Once we found the top dog shock collars, we took a look at the features that matter most to pet owners. You’ll find the top five products in the chart above and more detailed reviews of those collars below.

Dog Shock Collar Selection Criteria
When you bring home a new puppy, you shouldn’t feel surprised if your older dog starts acting out. Dogs can act out because they are jealous of the attention that others in the house get. The 425 Family Remote Trainer allows you to work with both your older dog and your new puppy because it lets you train up to three dogs simultaneously. Though the package only comes with one collar, you can purchase two separate collars and connect those collars to the same remote. With a range of 500 yards, this collar helps you deliver a shock that will keep your dog from running out of the yard and into the street without even leaving your home. It comes in both a standard black color and a fun camouflage option. If you have a larger dog, you can even order a version specifically designed for stubborn pups. Though this collar will only work on dogs that weigh at least 10 pounds, the collar has an adjustable design to fit the neck of your pet. You can charge the included batteries in just two hours and have enough power for up to 70 hours of use.
SportDog Brand 425 Family Remote Trainer

How Does a Shock Collar Work?

One of the most important things you need to know before buying and using a dog shock collar is exactly how these collars work. The collar comes with a small receiver that sits on top of the collar. This receiver usually features a light that flashes red or turns red when the battery is low. An included remote control uses a radio frequency and sends a signal to the receiver based on the setting that you selected. Whether you use a sound, shock or a combination of both, the signal reaches your dog and makes it come to a sudden stop.

Think about it this way: if you had someone slap your hand every time that you reached for a cookie, would you keep trying to grab a cookie or eventually give up? This is the same way that your dog thinks. If you punish your dog, in the same way, each time that it does something bad, your dog will eventually learn to stop doing that specific thing. When used as a training aid, a collar can help you teach your dog how to act around strangers and how to respond to basic commands.

How Does a Shock Collar Work

With a range of 400 yards, this training collar is a good choice for those who want to work with their dogs in and out of their homes. You can use it when taking your dog for a car ride to keep it from jumping on the window, but you can also use the collar while hiking or camping to stop your dog from running off. As the collar is waterproof, you can use it while swimming or fishing with your dog too.

The included adjustable collar fits any dog with a neck size of at least 28 inches, but the manufacturer recommends only using the collar on dogs that weigh eight pounds or more. Both the collar and the remote use rechargeable batteries that you can plug in and charge in just a few hours.

One feature that pet owners like yourself will appreciate is the eight adjustable levels on the collar itself. This feature lets you switch between both tones and shocks based on how you train your dog and the way your pet responds. You also get a tool that lets you test the collar before putting it on your dog.

PetSafe Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

Parts of a Shock Collar System

  • Adjustable collar
  • A receiver on the collar
  • Remote control
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Instructions
  • Charger

What Types of Behaviors Can a Shock Collar Stop?

One of the top reasons why pet owners use a shock collar is because they want to stop their dogs from barking and/or growling. Depending on your dog, you may find that it barks at every noise that happens outside of your home and each person who wanders by. The right collar can also keep your dog from growling at common or everyday noises. Some of the other behaviors that a shock collar can help with include:

• Digging through the trash or breaking open trash bags

• Chasing other animals or kids around your home

• Jumping on visitors or guests

• Getting on certain pieces of furniture

• Leaving your yard when left outside

• Running away when walking outside of your home with you

• Biting and/or snapping at humans and other animals

• Acting out on long or short car rides

What Types of Behaviors Can a Shock Collar Stop
The one-year warranty that comes with this shock collar lets you contact the manufacturer for a full refund or a repair within the first year of your purchase. If you register the product on its official website, Ipets will extend your warranty and give you coverage for three years. That warranty comes in handy when training multiple dogs or working with one particularly stubborn pup. Using this collar is incredibly easy because the included remote has a dial that you simply turn or rotate to reach the shock level that you want to use. This lets you start out at a lower level and see how your dog responds before turning it up to a higher level. The remote also lets you use a static setting or a tone setting. You can even use both a tone setting and a shock at the same time. As long as your dog has the collar on and is within 330 yards of the remote, you can deliver the shock or sound that will keep it from engaging in bad behaviors. This lets you use the collar as a training tool in your yard or while out in public with your pet.
Vacuum for Pet Hair Buying Guide – Top Considerations

Types of Dog Shock Collars

You may not realize that there are a few different types of shock collars on the market today. Each one serves a different purpose and can help you with different types of training.

Yard collars: Also called boundary collars, yard collars work with receivers that you place around your yard to mark the boundaries of where your dog can go. The receiver on the collar emits a shock when your dog gets too close to one of these markings.

Remote collars: All the products that we included on our list are remote collars that put you in control. The receiver on the collar responds to the frequency transmitted by the remote that you hold in your hand. You can press a button on the remote with one finger to deliver a shock.

Bark collars: If you simply want your dog to stop barking, you may want to use a bark collar. These collars detect the vibrations that a dog produces before it growls or barks and emit a signal to make it stop. A bark collar works even if you’re not at home.

Types of Dog Shock Collars
Many professional dog trainers use this collar as part of training sessions, but it’s also a popular option for those who just brought home their first dogs. This set comes with an adjustable collar that features small holes around the sides that make it easier for you to put this collar on your dog. Petrainer offers free and live customer support for all shoppers. You can contact the manufacturer over the phone or through email. With 100 different modes and settings, you can completely customize this collar to work with your dog. Not only can you select between different tone and sound levels, but you can also adjust the intensity of the shock. Some more stubborn dogs may respond when subjected to a combination of both shock and sound. Doing a little experimenting when you bring home the collar will help you select the right mix of settings for your pup. Both the collar and the receiver on the collar are waterproof, which lets you work with your dog when it’s raining or snowing outside. This collar adjusts to fit dogs with a neck size of up to 25 inches. You also get a charger that charges both the collar and remote simultaneously.
Petrainer Waterproof _ Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

Top Features of Shock Collars

As you look at the top dog shock collar 2018 products, you may feel a little confused because it seems like most products are the same or come with the same features. It’s important that you look at the top features of shock collars to ensure that the one you buy works the way you need it to work and that it will effectively train your dog.


Even if you plan on only working with your dog inside, you still need to consider the range of the receiver in regards to the remote. If you are on the second floor and hear your dog barking at the front door, you can hit a button on the remote and send a signal to the collar from one floor to the next. Most manufacturers list a range in terms of yards, and one yard is equivalent to three feet, but other companies will list the range of their products in feet. You generally want a range of at least 300 yards, but you may want a larger range that gives your dog more room to roam.

Customization Features

The more customization features that the collar has, the more likely it will work for your dog. You may find that your dog responds to loud tones when engaging in certain behaviors but that you need to use a shock to stop the dog from doing other things. We found a number of shock collars that let you choose between 100 different settings. This lets you use sound or shock alone and to use a combination of both. Some dogs will grow accustomed to a specific tone or shock, especially if you use that setting on a regular basis. Having more settings lets you change the intensity as your dog grows comfortable with the lower settings.

Adjustable Collar

Another thing you should consider is whether the collar has an adjustable design. This is especially important when working with a puppy. As your puppy grows, its neck size will also grow. Even if you have a small breed dog, its neck may double in size once the puppy reaches adulthood. With an adjustable collar, you can adjust the way the collar fits on your dog. Most use either notches or holes that let you simply move the clasp from one to the next.

Color or Design

Though collar or design may not seem important to you, it is important to some pet owners. Many of the dog shock collar 2018 products we came across only come in black, but you’ll find collars in brighter shades like pink and collars that feature patterns like a floral or camouflage print. Choosing a different color or pattern lets you match your dog’s collar to its personality.

With a range of up to 1,000 feet, this collar comes in handy when working with dogs anywhere around or outside of your home. You can use the collar to set boundaries for your pup and to keep it from running out of your backyard, but you can also use it to stop your pet from rummaging through your garbage or barking at the neighbors. It’s simple enough that even first-time dog owners can use the collar and remote on their dogs.

The included remote features a digital screen that shows you the intensity/level of each option you select. Not only can you select a sound setting, but you can also select a shock setting and use both a shock and a sound at the same time. You’ll have up to 100 customization options suitable for your dog. The display on the remote also has a warning light that comes on when the battery runs low. Thanks to the included charger, you can charge the batteries in either the collar receiver or the batteries in the remote, but you also have the option of charging both at the same time.

Signs You Need to Charge the Batteries

  • You notice a red light on either the shock collar receiver or the remote control
  • Your dog notices the shock or sound but does not respond
  • The dog stops responding to any of the buttons that you press

How Much Do Dog Shock Collars Cost?

Buying an invisible fence and installing that fence in your yard can cost hundreds of dollars. The exact cost depends on the size of your yard because this determines the number of markers and receivers and transmitters that you need. If you have multiple dogs though, you may actually save money hiring a professional company to install an invisible fence for you.

You can also get boundary shock collars that let you set up your own markers around your yard. These collars are more expensive than others and can cost $300 to $500 or more. You need to use caution when setting up one of these systems though to ensure that you don’t leave any gaps in the fence line.

Most of the dog shock collars that we added to our list retail for $150 or less, but you may come across a sale that significantly drops the cost of one of the more popular models.

If you decide to purchase a system to use with multiple dogs, you’ll need to pay one price for the original system and a second price for any of the other collars that you need. You can usually get additional collars for between $50 and $100.

How Much Do Dog Shock Collars Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

A: While you can train a dog at any age, you should start working with your dog at a young age. You can use a shock collar on a dog that is as young as four months old, though you may want to wait until your dog reaches six months of age.

A: Most shock collars have an adjustable design. You should place the collar directly on your dog’s skin or fur to ensure that it gets the shock from that collar. As long as the traditional collar that your dog wears has an adjustable design, you can fit it right over the shock collar.

A: The amount of time it takes for the shock collar to work depends on the intensity that you select and the temperament of your dog. Larger and more stubborn breeds require a higher intensity setting, but they still may not respond to the collar until you use it a few times. Smaller breeds may respond almost instantly. You can continue using the shock collar until you get the results that you want.

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